Engine Oil Service

BG MOA prevents oxidation and thickening of engine oil under even the most severe stop-and-go, high temperature driving conditions. It fortifies high quality engine oil to provide superior long-lasting engine protection and helps maintain optimum engine performance. BG MOA keeps piston ring belts, hydraulic lifters and other engine components clean to help extend engine life and reduce costs of operation. It is compatible with both synthetic and petroleum-base oils.

The Thin Film Oxidation Uptake Test (TFOUT), ASTM Test Method D4742, proves BG MOA remarkable resistance to oxidation by more than 200 percent longer than six major brands of SL quality oil. At the conclusion of the API Sequence IIIF Engine Test, a major brand, high-quality reference oil barely passed the 80-hour test with a viscosity increase of 255 percent. At 80 hours, another brand of oil fortified with BG MOA had a viscosity increase of only 57 percent. At the conclusion of the triple-length, 240-hour test, it was still well within the viscosity limits with an increase of only 198 percent.
Part No. 110 11 oz. (325 mL) can

Part No. 110 - Advance Formula - MOA

BG Performance Oil Changer
Complete Kit

The BG Performance Oil Changer turns a conventional oil change service into a Performance Oil Change in just moments. Used with BG 109 Compression Performance Restoration, Part No. 109, the BG Performance Oil Changer will purge the engine oil system of dirty, contaminated oil that remains in the system during a normal drain-and-fill process. It will also install new oil and BG MOA Part No. 110, into the purged areas thus preventing dry start-up. A new oil filter and the balance of the engine’s capacity of oil are installed to complete the service. A BG Performance Oil Change Service improves engine performance and fuel economy.
Part No. 9800-500

Part No. 9800-500 BG Performance Oil Changer Complete Set

BG Quick Clean for Engines
BG Quick Clean for Engines restores power and performance to your engine by rapidly and effectively removing accumulated deposits that form in the piston ring belt, hydraulic lifters, rocker arms and other critical engine parts. Add BG Quick Clean to the oil, then run engine for 10-15 minutes. When the old oil is drained, contaminants are quickly flushed away.
Part No. 105 11 oz. (325 mL) can

Part No. 105 - BG Quick Clean for Engines

BG 109 Compression Performance Restoration
BG 109 Compression Performance Restoration is a revolutionary formula with proven “ring-clean” technology. It is a quick and effective blend of cleaners that will soften, emulsify and dissolve those hard to remove fuel gums that clog rings and will usually do it in 15 minutes or less. Compression will increase with removal of these deposits. BG 109 also lowers tailpipe emissions, eliminates oil consumptions associated with buildup and improves overall power and economy. Safe for use in diesel and rotary engines. Designed for use with the BG Performance Oil Changer Complete Kit, Part No. 9800-500.
Part No. 109 11 oz. (325 mL) can
Part No. 10932 32 oz. (946 mL) bottle

Part No. 109 - Compression Performance Restoration

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